The first and second versions of the Aakash were shipped by vendor Datawind for Rs 2,276 and Rs 2,263 per unit.
The Department of  Electronics and IT (DEITY), which was working on a 4G version of Aakash tablet at price point of around Rs 3,999, has informed a Parliamentary committee that vendors were unable to meet specifications desired under the tender like disc writing, Java efficiency and 3G modems
The Aakash-IV tablet project was started by former Telecom and HRD Minister Kapil Sibal in the UPA government with the objective of spreading education digitally.
"HRD ministry started this project. The initial mistake that was committed by us was that we fixed the price and asked the manufacturers to supply the product on this fixed price.
"If we could have decided the specifications and then asked the manufacturers to supply the product the that could be the better arrangement," DEITY Secretary has told the Standing Committee on Information Technology.
It is now proposed to to review technical specifications of Aakash-IV tablet and the matter is under consideration of the government, the DEITY Secretary said.
After approval of the competent authority, the tender process for making available Aakash-IV tablet will be taken up with DGS&D immediately, he added.
The committee, chaired by MP Anurag Singh Thakur, has asked DEITY to keep it informed on the progress made with respect to Aakash-IV tablet.
Aakash tablet project had faced several issues and its launch was delayed.
It may be noted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2012 as Gujarat Chief Minister had criticised Sibal on the Aakash project.