New Delhi: After strengthening the PSUs under the Central government, the Centre has chalked out a plan to improve the state PSUs which are in an impoverished condition. The Centre has convened a two-day meeting of all the states on April 27 to find out the solution.

Although state PSUs are out of the ambit of the Centre, the Union Heavy Industry and Public Undertaking Ministry believes that it can play a major role in their prosperity.

Sources say the purpose of Heavy Industry and Public Undertaking Ministry is to ascertain the shortcomings of state PSUs along with giving suggestions to run them in the changed economic scenario.

The Centre believes that the state governments do not take PSUs seriously and also shy away from running them professionally.
At present, there are about 837 public undertakings under the states, out of which Rs 3,33,441 crore have been invested in these undertakings by the states. About 18,71,805 people are employed in these undertakings.

According to sources in the public undertaking departments, states themselves are clueless regarding the exact number of PSUs under them. This is the reason why the Centre has no data regarding their benefits.