New Delhi: In order to tighten the noose around misleading advertisements flooding the Indian media, the Union Ministry of Consumer Affairs is planning to set up an Advertising Regulation Authority.

The ministry has decided to take this step as the efforts of the Advertising Self-regulation Council under the Press Council of India (PCI) have failed to curb the negative advertising trends in media. 

Though the Cable Television Network Amendment Act 2006 is in place to keep a check on the advertising content, its provisions are insufficient to check the deceptive advertisements.

The provisions enshrined in the Press Council of India Act, 1978 also prohibit advertisements having any content which can hurt morality or induce communalism. There are regulations for advertisements of beauty products and medicines as well but they gave failed to check the disingenuous practice.

The PCI is involved in talks with various other ministries and organizations to prepare a draft to curb this negative trend.

Besides, it has also called for a meeting with Ministries of Information and Broadcasting, Health, Medical and Family Welfare, advertising organisations, media representatives and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) scheduled this week to sort out the issue.

The complaints regarding ill-effects of advertisements are maximum in the field of health as the market is buzzing with fairness creams, products promising to reduce weight, increase height and the like.