New Delhi: In a significant move to check malpractices and unwarranted fee hikes in private schools, the Union Government is contemplating to introduce a new law.

The new law will help in checking unfair practices in the admission process by the private schools and preventing them from extorting exorbitant amount from the parents.

According to the sources, the Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry has taken the initiative to keep a tab on the schools which are running without affiliation from authorized bodies and are extorting high fees from the students.

HRD Minister Kapil Sibal on Thursday said the government’s motive behind bringing the law is to forbid all the schools running without affiliation.

There are schools which have been paying their teachers poorly and show high monthly salary receipts as a proof of higher pay structure to the staff members.  Owing to these factors, the Centre strongly believes that a law is required to prevent such unfair practices and bring a complete transparency in the admission process.

Notably, the government has already formulated the prohibition of unfair practices in higher education bill, which is still pending in Parliament.

The formulation of the Bill would require collaboration with states, sources said. “The Central government cannot force any law or rule on the states, so the HRD Ministry will soon be discussing the draft proposal with the states. It will be taken up for further discussion at a meeting of the Central Advisory Board of Education to be held in June. It will be upon the states to decide to implement the new law or not,” the sources maintained.

It is worth mentioning here that there are over 2.5 lakh private schools across India which forms 20 per cent of the total schools in the country. The government is gearing up to bring these schools under the purview of rules and regulations.

JPN/Rajkeshwar Singh