New Delhi: In a first of its kind attempt, the Central government is mulling to develop an indigenous operating system for all government computer systems. The Centre has decided to take this step in order to tackle the problems of cyber-hacking and computer virus ttacks.

Computer viruses and hackers pose greatest threats to computers which maintain defence and intelligence related informations. Therefore, the government has roped in Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) to develop the proposed operating system.

This initiative has been taken by the National Security Advisor, who is also heading National Information Board which is the apex agency for cyber security.

For enhancing cyber security, the proposal to use Indian supercomputer PARAM Yuva, one of the most successful technical achievements of India, is likely to get approved.

In the last meeting of National Information Board, Ministry of Defence proposed for developing indigenous computer chips for the computer systems used for defence purposes.This will be a unique application once the proposed indigenous operating system is developed.

Till now, the government computer systems have been running on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and UNIX, which are foreign operating systems. This increases the risk of cyber and virus attack.

To allay this fear, a combined team of DRDO and Information Technology Department has been endowed with the responsibility of building an indigenous and protective operating system. Definite steps will also be taken to implement the use of this operating system throughout all the government departments.