New Delhi: In order to bridge the widening chasm between NRI students and their knowledge of Indian art and culture, the Union government is contemplating on a programme which will impart knowledge about country’s socio economic development to students settled aboard.

The Ministry for Overseas Indian Affairs is set to launch a ‘Study India Programme’ (SIP) for NRI students between the age group of 18 and 26 years. Under the programme, the selected NRI students will be informed about the economic and social development of the country apart from its rich heritage and culture.

In order to implement this scheme, the Ministry is in search of prominent universities and leading institutions which can conduct this novel programme.

The Ministry plans to hold two sessions each year, one in summer vacations and the second in winter holidays. A batch of 30 NRI students would be selected for each session.

As per officials, the programme will cover several aspects including social, administrative, political and educational.

SIP will also have topics on art and culture, history and languages. Though the Ministry is running a similar type of programme for NRIs -Know India, but the SIP will have an educational aspect to it.