New Delhi: Jharkhand Chief Minister Arjun Munda has advised the Centre to figure out the reasons behind the mushrooming of Maoist activities in notified locations of the Scheduled Area land.

During an interaction, Munda said that according to the Constitution, the provision of Scheduled Area land has been given to tribals residing in the forest areas. These areas are rich resources of mines and minerals.

“The Union government should ponder that why there was a rise in insurgency in such areas. This clearly states that the Scheduled Area Special Protection has proved to be a total failure,” said Munda.

Observing this, Munda has urged in the NDC meet to stop export of minerals.

“Even after 65 years of Independence, the poor tribals living in the Scheduled Area are devoid of basic infrastructure due to which feeling of dissatisfaction is rising among them,” he added.

Munda said that the government should constitute a committee and study this matter.

“States like Jharkhand are bearing the brunt of wrong policies of the Centre. A confused situation has been created as the mining of coal, iron, steel, etc have been added to the state’s GDP,” he added.

Munda stated that the minerals are transported to other states and its cost is added to the state’s gross output value due to which a higher GDP is projected.

“The rivers are getting polluted and thousands of acres of land are getting wasted due to leftovers of the minerals. Still, Jharkhand is deprived of Central’s assistance,” he mentioned.