New Delhi: The ruling party in Punjab may be patting its back for staying the execution of Beant Singh’s killer Balwant Singh Rajoana but the Centre is gearing up to corner Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) in this matter.

The government has decided to take the opinion of the administrator of the union territory Chandigarh on this issue rather than the Punjab government.

Punjab Governor Shivraj Patil who is also the administrator of Chandigarh is likely to be approached by the Home Ministry. According to the rules, before taking any decision on the clemency plea the President has to consult the Home Ministry.

The Home Ministry in turn needs to consult the Law Ministry and related state government or a Union Territory for its opinion.

A senior official   said, “Though Beant Singh was the Chief Minister of Punjab he was assassinated in Chandigarh outside his office premises. As a result, the administrator of Chandigarh should be consulted in this matter.”

On the other hand, the Home Ministry officials are in a dilemma over Rajoana’s mercy petition as the guilty has himself demanded for punishment but various religious and political groups are lobbying for his clemency.

Amidst all this if Rajoana himself writes a letter to the Prime Minister expressing his wishes to be hanged the situation can take a turn.

A senior official has stated that Rajoana time and again has openly accepted his crime and demanded for punishment.