New Delhi: Observing the fiasco of the National Rural Health Mission scheme due to deep rooted corruption, the Centre is planning to incorporate it into its 20-point programme to keep a close watch on its functioning. Also, Union Statistics Minister Srikant Jena is mulling to take the power of monitoring the schemes under its ambit.

This means that the implementation and success of such schemes will not be accepted on the grounds of the report produced by state governments. The Centre will prepare its own monitoring report about the scheme.

NRHM, the ambitious plan of the Centre to ensure good health care facilities to the rural population, has appeared to be a massive failure in Uttar Pradesh. Owing rot and malpractices in the NRHM scheme, seven people lost their lives.

According to Jena, in order to ensure proper monitoring of the schemes, the criteria for the assessment will also be reviewed. Moreover, the government is also considering to include other centrally-sponsored schemes into the 20-point programme.

It is to be noted, the 20-point programme initiated in 1975 was implemented in a renewed form for the first time in 2007. Under this, the Centre and the states review the schemes on the basis of set standards and goals on a monthly basis.

However, since the concerned ministries are responsible for the monitoring of the programmes, there is a doubt that impartial assessment would be carried out. Hence, Jena is of the view that the Ministry of Statistics must be given the power to monitor social welfare programmes.

Jena wants to run a pilot project under his guidance for the purpose before approaching the Prime Minister for the same, sources said.