Jaipur: The five missing tigers from the country’s famous Ranthambore Sanctuary in Rajasthan have raised Centre as well as state government’s concern.

According to reports, five big cats went missing from the Ranthambore Sanctuary two days back, but so far there is no information where did they disappear.

In the ongoing census of tigers in the sanctuaries of Ranthambhore and Sariska, the main focus is on disappearance of these tigers. It is for this reason that the forest officials involved in the census are facing a lot of difficulties.

The problem is especially at Ranthambhore, where in 31 tigers were found in the last census, since then there is no clue about the five tigers.

The forest officials are claiming for the tigers to be safe, and they would have gone beyond the core area of forest. Three years ago, radio-collaring for the tigers were done but it has stopped giving signals either because battery fitted has become non-functional or the device has been damaged.

In the last census, 14 cubs were born in Ranthambore, and if we believe the officials who conducted the survey, the number of tigers would be 45 if we include these cubs.

Meanwhile, forest officials are adopting all the three methods of census like pug mark, camera trap and water wools to avoid any mistake.

In Sariska sanctuary, one of the six tigers shifted from Ranthambore died. In the last three years, two tigers and three tigresses have again been shifted to Sariska, but unfortunately there is no increase in their strength.