New Delhi: In a bid to strictly implement the Right to Education Act (RTE), the Central government has refused to give its nod to open 5000 primary and 900 upper primary schools in Uttar Pradesh. Centre’s decision comes in the wake of the state government’s failure to notify the implementation of RTE Act.

The Act provides for free and compulsory education to children in the age group of 6-14 years.

According to sources, during the Project Approval Board (PAB) meeting with the UP government and the Ministry for Human Resource & Development, both the parties differed over the number of students still left out of school education.

According to the Centre, there are 28 lakh children in Uttar Pradesh who are not receiving education, whereas the state government keeps the numbers at around 25 lakh.

It is learnt the Centre acknowledges improvement in literacy rate among both males and females apart from better education facilities in existing schools, but is upset over the state government’s inability to notify RTE Act.

If sources are to be believed, Centre has made it clear that unless the state issues a notification it will not give approval to any proposals of opening new schools and funds will also not be provided under the RTE.

Notably, the state needs to open about 12000 new primary schools in order to achieve hundred percent enrolments of children within three years as provided by the RTE Act. While one primary school is built at a cost of Rs 7 lakh, Rs 9 lakh is required to construct an upper primary school.

Meanwhile, Centre has sanctioned Rs 7000 crore to the state for the projects falling under the Sarve Shikshka Abhiyan which is Rs 2000 crore more as compared to the previous financial year.