New Delhi: The Centre on Monday returned to Uttar Pradesh the assembly resolution calling for division of poll-bound UP into four states seeking clarifications on around eight issues like proposed capitals, boundaries, revenue, debt burden, division of IAS-IPS officers.

The Congress has supported the Union Home Ministry’s stand of returning the bill, saying the state cannot be divided to gain political mileage.

Congress spokesman Abhishek Manu Singhvi justified the Home Ministry’s stand and said that the state cannot be divided to gain political mileage and that the new states should be formed keeping in view the welfare of the people.

Putting a condition, the Union Home Ministry has said that the split resolution can be deliberated upon only if the UP government clarifies on the eight points.

A senior Home Ministry official said the split resolution does not even mentioned the boundaries of the proposed states which are necessary for forming the new states.

It is also not mentioned in the resolution that which districts will be included in the newly formed states, apart from their revenues and expenditures.

The Ministry has asked the UP whether it has conducted any study on the legality of the proposed states.

It has also asked the state to reveal the formula of sharing the IAS and IPS officers.

The return of the resolution by Centre has made difficult the Mayawati government’s dream of division of the state into four parts.

"We have sent back UP's proposal to divide the state and have sought reply to eight to nine questions," Union Home Secretary R K Singh told reporters here.

The Mayawati government had in November passed the resolution seeking creation of Awadh Pradesh, Poorvanchal, Budelkhand and Pachim Pradesh by splitting UP.

The key question which the Home Ministry asked was what will happen to the huge debt burden of the country's most populous state.

According to a CAG report, the state government has spent around 97 per cent of the fund raised though borrowings towards the payment of its debts, which are exceeding over Rs 1,80,000 crore.

Reports suggested that UP's public debt is likely to touch Rs 2,04,000 crore in 2011-12 against Rs 1,80,000 in 2010-11.

The Centre also wanted to know what is UP's plan to divide the pension burden it bears and what will be the revenue sharing arrangements.