New Delhi: To prevent any confusion and improve functional responsibilities, Central government has restructured the Airport Authority of India (AAI) by separating the Air Navigation Service (ANS) from the airport operator, which will now function as an autonomous body.

Till now, AAI has been performing the responsibilities of both the aerodrome operator and air navigation system. But, with the expansion of air bases and increase in traffic, it was becoming difficult for the AAI to maintain coordination between both the departments. Hence, the decision was taken by the government.

Acting on the suggestion, the government has formed the post of Member (ANS), who would work as a separate body of AAI and would look after the modernisation and development of ANS infrastructure in the country.

This would help in curbing red-tapism and give independence to take financial decisions by the ANS. To support ANS, some staff members from AAI departments have been deputed.

The government's decision came in the wake of the recommendations made by Ajay Prasad Committee. The panel had expressed an immediate need to bring necessary organisational changes in AAI.

The panel also recommended at times some of the projects of air traffic management
(ATM) or communication, navigation and surveillance (CNS) get affected, as the present Integrated Planning Directorate structure is unable to manage its functional responsibilities.