Speaking on the issue, Minister of State for Power Piyush Goyal, said, “It is easy to blame others. There is enough power available in the Exchange for the UP government to buy, just the way they bought it before elections. They can buy it now. I urge the Chief Minister of UP to stop making excuses. There is no shortage. Only one state-run plant has failed which should be restored in 24 hours," he said.

The reaction came a day after the Chief Minister held the Union Government responsible for the power crisis.

Akhilesh had on Thursday said that Uttar Pradesh could produce its own electricity.

"UP is capable of producing electricity. We need coal as soon as possible. Without coal, we cannot do anything," he said.

Earlier in a statement on Thursday, Akhilesh said, "The CM is taking enough steps to normalize the power crisis in the state. UP is only getting 4,200 MW instead of 6,002 MW from the Centre. The state should get enough amount of electricity from the Centre. Due to less supply of coal from Coal India, power crisis is growing in the state."

The state is presently reeling under frequent and long power cuts, which often last 10 hours or more.

This has severely hit the normal life of people and the work in industries and agricultural sector is also getting hampered.


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