New Delhi: Whatever plans the Mayawati government makes for bettering its image among Dalits and economically weaker sections of the state, the Centre always spots drawbacks in the schemes.

The Centre has pulled up Mayawati for not paying heed to the overall development of the state and rebuffed the government’s bid to provide financial assistance to the poor families for marrying off girls and giving free medical care to them.

As per the Planning Commission, the poverty level of Scheduled Castes (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST) is much higher than the national average. The national average of poverty level for SC in rural areas is 28.3 percent while it is 36.8 percent in Uttar Pradesh.

The state has the highest number of SC communities under which there are 66 different castes. Out of 98, 000 villages, more than 8, 000  have 50 to 90 percent Dalit population and over 13, 000 villages have more than 30 percent SC population.

According to the Centre, despite the present scenario, the state is running schemes like providing financial assistance for girl’s wedding and free medical treatment for economically backward classes.

As per the Centre, the UP government should have an overall development programme especially the schemes which can bring the weaker sections into mainstream.

Notably, the Mayawati government is running a scheme of giving Rs 10, 000 to poor families for girl’s wedding and Rs 5,000 for her treatment.