Irked by the BJP sending two teams of its central leaders to the state over alleged incidents of violence against its workers, Banerjee threatened to send her MPs to BJP-ruled states if there was any incident there.

"She is free to do whatever she wants to, it’s a free country. But rather than accusing the opposition parties and BJP, she should take steps regarding the worsening law and order situation in the state," said Singh.

"If the attack on BJP workers continues and the administration doesn't take any step, then Banerjee herself will be responsible if the Centre takes action as per the Constitution and law," Singh said.

Singh mocked Banerjee's threat of sending TMC MPs to BJP-ruled states by saying she should send MPs to Uttar Pradesh, which like Bengal has no control over its law and order situation.

"Presently there are only two states where the state administration has no control over law and order situation, one is UP and the other is Bengal. She should send her MPs to UP," Singh said.

Singh also condemned the killing of a jute mill CEO in Hooghly district, which Banerjee had alleged as a handiwork of the "CPI(M) and BJP goons".

"Rather than witch hunting against the opposition and BJP and making baseless allegations, she should reply about the worsening law and order situation. Before making any irresponsible statement, she should produce conclusive evidence. Immediate steps should be taken to arrest the culprits," Singh added.


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