New Delhi (JPN/ Bureau): In bid to shake off further unease after the land scam unearthed, the Central government started to conduct census of land owned by the various departments across the country.

The Cabinet Secretary formed a committee of 11 Central secretaries to keep accounts and details of the public land owned by various departments as well as register all government-owned assets. The report of the committee is likely to come in four weeks.

After the defence land scam exposed, the government smells rat that other departments could also harbor such irregularities. The committee formed on corruption has first focused on valuable lands of the government.

The Cabinet Secretariat directed all the government departments to prepare records of used and vacant lands. The Central government undertakings will also come under it.

The committee is also scanning the present structure of rules pertaining to land and its mechanism of costing.

Finance Secretary Ashok Chawala is heading the committee. Centre for Policy Research is working as a consultant to the committee.