New Delhi: In order to boost the functioning of Panchayati Raj system in the Country, the Centre has decided to give training to the officials of states. The best performing pachayats will also be given cash rewarded which will range between Rs 10 lakh and Rs 20 lakh.

Union Panchayati Raj Ministry is running a special encouragement scheme to give more power to the panchayats in the country.

The project also aims at encouraging the states to devolve more power to the panchayats. The award will be conferred to those panchayats which are empowered to raise revenue as well as successfully running the local administration.

The Panchayati Raj Ministry has allocated Rs 31 crore for this scheme during the current fiscal. But the Ministry is facing challenges in selecting the eligible panchayats.

As the state officials are empowered to assess the functioning of panchayats, the Ministry has made special arrangement for their training as per the stipulated standards. 

The Ministry has given the responsibility to Quality Council of India (QCI) to fix the standard for assessing the functioning as well as providing training to them.

Under the scheme, officials are being imparted training to review the functioning of panchayats on the basis of facts. In this month, the representatives from 18 states were provided training.

The scheme covers all the 2.4 lakh panchayats in the country. Under the scheme, panchayats will be selected from every state on the basis of the performance of gram panchayats, area panchayat and district boards.  

One district board will be awarded in the state having less than 50 district boards, whereas two district boards will be awarded in the states having more than 50 district boards.

Rs 20-lakh each will be given to the selected district boards, while selected panchayats will be provided with Rs 10 lakh each.

Two panchayats will be awarded in the states having 500 regional panchayats while four and six panchayats will be awarded in the states having 500-1000 panchayats and over 1000 panchayats respectively. In addition, at least three panchayats will be given encouragement awards.