New Delhi: The government might be showing resistance in accepting the suggestions of the civil society on provisions of Lokpal Bill, but it has no qualms in seeking advice from them for better implementation of development schemes.

The Central government, which is preparing Approach Paper of the 12th Five Year Plan, is mulling over taking suggestions from the civil society for effectively implementing development schemes during the plan period.

The Centre is contemplating taking services of the academic institutions in this regard.

For the first time in the Indian history, the Planning Commission in its approach paper has emphasised on the fact that active involvement of the citizens is key to implementing development schemes.

The Centre has allocated Rs 58, 000 crore for development schemes in the current fiscal.

The governance chapter of the approach paper clearly states the NGOs, educational institutions, local colleges and universities are required to impart their suggestions in the implementation of the schemes.

The top planning body is of the view that the proposed exercise will be more beneficial in the hinterlands of the country.

The Planning Commission has asked the government to ensure the participation of the civil society which would also help in bringing in more transparency.