With the unrest in Bhaatta Parsaul, where clash between farmers and cops over land acquisition hit the headlines recently, the land issue has become the top priority for the Central government. The National Advisory Council (NAC), headed by Sonia Gandhi, has taken a serious note of the Land Acquisition Bill and started thinking on to redraft pro-farmer Land Acquisition Law. The NAC has rubbished the objection of Mamata Banerjee, who has been a staunch opponent of the Bill along the accompanying Resettlement and Rehabilitation Bill. If it is believed that the scrapping of the Mamata’s reservation factor will make a way for suitable Land Acquisition Act, it is not worth mentioning. Mamata is of the opinion that land should be acquired with the consent of farmers while the NAC is of the view that 75 percent of the land should be acquired with the approval of farmers while the government will acquire the rest 25 percent, this formula hardly serves the purpose and there is a need of weighing pros and cons of it, going by the gravity of the issue. The government should not only mull over industrialization and interests of farmers rather it should focus on food security as well, because in coming time agricultural land will be acquired on large scale. Moreover, while getting hold of agricultural land the interests of farm labourers are being ignored. So, the rehabilitation process does not mean the affected farmers should be shifted to other places. It is fair that there is a talk for giving monthly payment to farmers along with full payment after depriving them of agricultural land but it will be better if the government should think over providing alternative employment to farmers.

Apart from this, there is another important issue to be incorporated into the proposed Land Acquisition Act which the government should pay attention to systematic and planed development to rural and urban areas. It is worth mentioning that most of the cities have already achieved the maximum in the development sphere. With the proactiveness of private sector in the fast-track of industrialization, the significance of systematic development has taken a back seat. None is concerned whether the land acquired under a specific government project is essential. It is obvious that a fair chunk of land is being purchased without any proper plan due to which the price of land in urban areas is going on rise. It will be wise for the NAC to consider comprehensively over the modality of Land Acquisition Rule.