Lucknow: The bleak power scenario in Uttar Pradesh seems to be far from over. Due to supply of electricity by central power houses not meeting the state quota, the state is facing acute power shortage in the festive season. Due to lack of power availability, the Power Corporation management has decided to organise power cuts for an additional two to six hours. While the industries will not be provided electricity during night hours, major cities will also suffer the power crunch.

However, the power situation is expected to return to normal by Diwali. The state has a quota of 5,029 megawatts allotted by the central power house of which it receives 4,500 mw usually but now it has been reduced to a meager 3,000 mw.

As a temporary solution, the power corporation management had arranged an additional supply of 1,200 mw but the state is receiving only 400 mw of electricity and is also not getting the set 300 mw of power from Rosa. Although the state’s power production has reached 2200 mw but the situation refuses to show any improvement.

Power Corporation CMD, Navneet Sehgal says, “It is not possible to provide power supply according to the schedule as our demand for additional supply from the Centre for the festive season has been put down.”

He said, with lower frequency of the northern grid, over drawl (more power than the grid quota) is also not being possible. However, power over drawl is being arranged leading to its cost as high as Rs 12 per unit while energy exchange is also of no help in such a situation.

While keeping the over drawl aside, the power availability in the state is 7,000-7,500 mw but the demand has been soaring to 10,000 mw. The industries are not allowed power supply from 10 pm to 6am while major cities of the state like Kanpur, Meerut, Allahabad and Varanasi are provided power from 18-20 hours, districts for 14-16 hours, Bundelkhand for 18 hours and tehsils and villages for 8 hours. Moreover, the situation turns worse, courtesy local faults and overloading.

It is to be noted, Noida-Ghaziabad, Agra (TTZ), Lucknow urban zone, railway and cantonment areas are provided 24 hours of power supply. Meanwhile, the CMD has assured of an arrangement to provide record power like last Diwali season.