In a major initiative aimed at promoting energy efficiency, Power and Coal Minister Piyush launched domestic efficient lighting programme and LED-based Smart Street Light programmes in Varanasi, the Parliamentary constituency of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The government is looking to cut down energy usage by 10,000 MW during peak hours by promoting LED lights across the nation.

Goyal said, "With energy-efficient LED lights, demand of electricity in Varanasi will be down by 45 MW. It will save to the tune of Rs 68 crore. The innovative business model of conversion of conventional street lights with energy-efficient LED street lights has the potential of replication as it obviates the need for any capital investment by municipal bodies.

The EESL, a public sector entity under Ministry of Power, will replace the estimated 36,077 conventional street lights with energy efficient and smart LED lights across the city at its own cost. Over the course of five-seven years, municipalities will use part of the savings in energy and maintenance cost to repay EESL, the statement said.

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