Replying to a question in Rajya Sabha on steps taken by the government to accelerate the process of regularisation and standardisation yoga and naturopathy education, Naik said the Union Government had undertaken discussion with stakeholders on feasibility of regulation of yoga and Naturopathy education and practise for maintaining quality and uniform educational standards and preventing the growth of fake institutions.
"Government is evaluating various options for coordination of matters relating to promotion, development, standardisation and accreditation of yoga as well as naturopathy practises, training and therapies," he said.
He said that a separate task force has been constituted by the Ministry to deliberate and make recommendations on various important issues including preferred option for promotion, development and regulation of yoga and naturopathy for education and practise.
The Minister informed the house that at present there was no central legislation for regulation of education and practise of yoga and naturopathy systems.
His ministry, however, has asked the state governments in 2006 to enact comprehensive legislations for the regulation of Naturopathy covering registration of practitioners, medical education and others.

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