Dehradun: As we know India is infamous for being one of the multilingual nations in the world, however most of them, especially national language Hindi, have been at the receiving end at the cost of English – which has become the functional language of the country.

Realizing the importance of the national language, the Union Home Ministry has decided to promote the language. 

The Ministry has earmarked a corpus of Rs 700 crore for the promotional campaign across the country. 

In Uttarakhand, the Ministry has handed over the responsibility of promoting the language to the Income Tax Department.  The I-T Department has been directed to promote the Hindi Language like any other brand advertisement.

The Central government has 120 offices, Banks, enterprises in Dehradun district. These Central Organisations spend approximately one crore annually to promote the national language. Even after that, many central organizations avoid working and conversing in Hindi.

Despite having the Hindi translation department, the scientific institutes not develop a Hindi copy of the research reports. 

Looking at this, the Ministry has decided spend Rs 700 crore for the language promotion through different advertising mediums like FM Radio, televisions and outdoors.

The promotional hoardings at railway station, bus stand, bus stoppage and poles are also the part of plan.

MR Saklani, assistant director, Chief Income Tax Commissioner Office (Hindi Department), said that promotions of the national language will be started by 15th august in Uttrakahand. All Central bodies are to be part of this campaign.

Although government is trying to save the national language but, all we have to see is even after spending Rs 700 crore how they would manage to protect and maintain the language in the country.