Jammu: Insisting that the Congress-led UPA government has failed on the security front, BJP on Friday said that Centre's attitude towards Chinese incursions was dangerous for the country.
"UPA has failed on every front. Whether it is internal security of the country or the nation's economy, UPA has been a failure. The attitude adopted by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Chinese incursion is dangerous for the country," BJP national general secretary P Muralidhar Rao said in Jammu on Friday.
Stressing that India's failure in Kashmir will be the failure of the Constitution, Rao said    "If Kashmir is not there, we will fail as a nation state and it will be a failure of our Constitution," he said during a function organised by Dr Mookherjee Simriti Niyas (Trust).
Speaking on Indian Nationalism: Concept and Conflict Delusion, Rao said Article 370 was not permanent and it has to go. "Article 370 is eroding, it will not remain and it is not a permanent Article. Even leaders like Jawharlal Nehru and Sardar Patel said the Article was not permanent," he said.
Pointing out that it was the Constitution which granted security to a state rather than Article 370, Rao said "There are some people who believe that Article 370 guarantees religious pluralism, protects sub-nationalism...but it has not been imposed across the country.
"Gujarat's identity has not ended because of the absence of Article 370. The identity of Tamil Nadu and Bengal has also not ceded. It is the Constitution which keeps states secured and similarly in Kashmir these things are guaranteed by society and the Constitution," he added.
He said separatism posed a great threat to the country's secular ethos and it should not be allowed to gain ground in the Valley."Separatist movement in Kashmir has no ground and it has no legitimacy. Secularism will not survive if separatism gains ground," he said.
The BJP leader, asked Chief Minister Omar Abdullah not to ‘instigate communal violence’ in the state. "Omar should learn from the life of his grandfather Shiekh Abdullah, who believed in the unity of the state with India," he said.
Highlighting the plight of some sections of the Muslim community including scavengers and Gujjar Bakerwals, Rao said, "Every section of the society should enjoy the fruits of development. The state government had no right to draw dividing lines."


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