Taking suo motu cognizance of the midnight crackdown on Ramdev and his followers protesting against graft and black money salted away abroad, the Supreme Court and National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) asked the Centre to explain about an act of the forceful eviction of yoga guru and police highhandedness. The Centre’s bungling in handling Baba’s agitation—once licking and next kicking—has invited full-throated criticisms from all quarters. At sixes and sevens, the Centre has started weaving concocted story in order to salvage its prestige. The government’s plea is summarily rubbished that the Delhi police evicted Ramdev because of the security threat to his life. If it was so, the spiritual leader should have been informed earlier while taking action at the dead of night leaving many innocent people in lurch. Chasing supporters, bestial lathicharge, firing tear gas shells were a complete mayhem at Ramlila ground. This is the modus operandi of law enforcement agency in a democratic country which always advocates peace, harmony and human rights. Is it a graceful manner of the Delhi Police to detain someone without informing him in the name of giving security cover? God forbid, there was no big causality, but one cannot decline it, ruling dispensation has clumsily handled the situation and its frustration owing to its sagging image and dismal performance in politics and recent elections have been noticed by all and sundry. Had Baba’s agitation continued, the footfalls of his followers would have spiraled up and it could have been a big challenge to the law and order situation. But the nub of the matter is why the government did not alert its administration while the preparation was going on in Ramlila ground and why the Centre had also sent the Cabinet Minister to mollycoddle Ramdev terming it as an unprecedented move. The Centre needs to explain what exactly transpired in the meeting? Not only the court rather the nation too need clarification from the UPA government.

In a face-saving measure, the Congress and the Central government have started levelling allegations against Ramdev alongwith the RSS and the BJP, which is totally misplaced and unwarranted. If the RSS and the BJP have thrown their weight behind Baba in the national interest, what is the problem? On one hand the Centre is somersaulting to slander the image of yoga guru, on the other Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has chipped in the issue that action of the cops was unfortunate, but no was option left. It is quite disappointing that the Prime Minister is supporting the police action which has been pooh-poohed by the Supreme Court and NHRC as well debilitating his stance on fighting against corruption and black money issue.