Ranchi: Jharkhand Chief Minister Arjun Munda on Thursday accused the Centre of "pick and choose policy" in granting special status to states while terming its assessment of per capita income in the state was "wrong".
"Pick and choose policy is not good. The state deserves the special status, but is not getting because of absence of Centre's clear-cut policy," Munda said and added that demanding for special status was not "begging but is a right".
Replying after a debate on "Centre/state share" in the assembly, he claimed the assessment by the Centre on the per capita income at Rs 8484 in Jharkhand was "wrong" as the people were not genuinely getting that much amount.
"I have repeatedly urged the Centre not to add mineral production to the per capita income. But the Centre has not given a thought on this," he said.
Referring to the 13th Finance Commission's resource allotments to states, Munda claimed Jharkhand got the lowest resource share which was a matter of serious concern. Jharkhand had incurred huge loss due to non-allotment of its "rightful" royalty while distribution of resources by the Central Finance Commission, he said.
Alleging that the Centre's economic policy was against the federal structure, he sought to compare how the first five-year plan had 30 percent centrally sponsored projects and 70 percent states had their own project plans while the 12th five-year plan was just the opposite.

"During the recent National Development Council meeting in Delhi, several states opposed imposition of 70 percent central projects because it is contrary to democratic norms and the federal system," Munda said.
Claiming that the state’s resources were not properly being assessed, he said public sector units were polluting the environment in the state, and termed it as "double loss" to the state.
Arguing that the state was not getting "genuine profit" from its mineral resources, Munda said the state had borne the brunt of pollution for the past several years and would bear it in future too.
"That is why we demand special status…and the state should get justice.
The Central funds allotted to the state is not mercy but a right as the Centre gets huge taxes from minerals and other natural resources from the state," he said.
Reminding the members of the house that Central funds allotted to the state was not a mercy but a right as it got huge taxes from minerals and other natural resources from
Jharkhand, he suggested all parties to work together and advised meeting Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his cabinet ministers in order to attract their attention to the state’s needs.