New Delhi: Even though the dates for the UP Assembly elections 2012 have yet not been announced, the political parties have stepped up their poll preparation activities. Making use of the opportunity, the Centre has targeted the Bahujan Samaj Party government of Uttar Pradesh over the issue of minority development.

The Centre has clarified that a whopping amount of Rs 648 crore had been released for the multi-dimensional development of the minorities in the state. Against the sanctioned amount, the UP government has spent only Rs 273 crore.

UP has the maximum population of minorities. Out of 90 minority-dominated districts of the country, 21 districts are from UP. Therefore, the state plays an important role in either the progress or the backwardness of the country.

As per the data till September 30 available with the Union Minority Affairs Ministry, the Centre had released Rs 648.44 crore to the UP government for the development of the minorities. But only Rs 273.70 crore has been spent till date for the various projects.

Likewise, West Bengal has 12 minority-dominated districts. For the development of these districts, the Centre has released Rs 517.24 crore. Unlike UP, the WB state government has already used Rs 351 crore for the cause of development of minorities. In this regard, Bihar has received fund to the tune of Rs 285.62 crore, Jharkhand Rs 101.13 crore, Uttarakhand Rs 30.41 crore, Haryana Rs 30.47 crore and Jammu &Kashmir Rs 5.99 crore respectively.

It is worth mentioning that the Centre has unfolded these figures at such a time when parties like the Congress, BJP, SP and BSP are focused on the upcoming elections in UP.

In totality, the Centre has released over Rs 2,238 crore for the Multi-dimensional development programme of the minorities.

(JPN/ Bureau)