Karachi: PCB Chairman Zaka Ashraf on Saturday suggested disgraced fast bowler Mohammed Aamir to challenge the "harsh" five-year ban imposed on him by the ICC for his role in spot-fixing.

Ashraf, who returned from Bangladesh on Saturday, had recently met Aamir at the board headquarters. The PCB Chairman described the ban by the ICC as harsh.

"I think the five-year ban is too harsh and it is down to Aamir if he wishes to appeal against that lengthy ban imposed upon him. I would suggest that he does appeal against the ban and I think the relevant body should take a lenient view given his age and the talent he possesses”.

"We should not let this young boy`s career be ruined, we should all try to help him and understand that he was trapped into spot fixing," he said. Ashraf said Aamir was sorry for what he did.

"Aamir was very apologetic at the meeting we had with him and spoke of how he was trapped into spot fixing. He is such a wonderful young talent that has been wasted and it`s such a shame that he cannot even use our practise facilities," Ashraf said.

"Coming from such a remote village Aamir could have become the best bowler in the world. He has served his prison sentence and that matter is now closed, but the issue of the ICC ban is obviously still ongoing," Ashraf said.

Ashraf said the Board outlined plans for Aamir`s rehabilitation and the bowler would also deliver lectures to other cricketers in Pakistan on his own experiences.

"First and foremost we are going to arrange for some psychiatric treatment for Aamir which I feel is absolutely essential. Then he is going to give lectures to other cricketers in Pakistan on his own experiences and explain to other cricketers to not get trapped like he was.

"It will be a series of talks that he gives, delivering guidelines to other cricketers. He (Aamir) can explain first hand to our cricketers to avoid such people who look to trap cricketers and provide the cricketers with firsthand experience on such matters," he said.