It is quite natural for the political parties to gear up for Presidential poll. Everyday a new name comes to the fore but the manner in which political parties are locked in a battle to oppose one another’s nominee is not a good sign. Recently the DMK had opposed APJ Abdul Kalam’s candidature proposed by the Samajwadi Party. On the other hand the BJP categorically made it clear that it would not support any candidate nominated by the Congress. This indicates that the Presidential election would be held without forming any consensus. It is not a good sign that political parties are viewing the Presidential election in the same fashion as the Lok Sabha or the assembly elections. On one hand it is said that the President is above political domain but on the political parties in general are dragging the office of President into party-politics. Another talk doing the round is that a non political person could be nominated for this coveted post which may help in building some consensus.

Who is nominated for the Presidential elections is not important but building consensus over the person is rather more vital. When there is infighting among coalition partners, it would be wise to reach to a consensus. If political parties can’t reach to a consensus in such an important matter then expecting them to work as a cohesive unit regarding other issues is asking for a little too much. It’s a golden opportunity for political parties to give a new meaning to consensus politics. The liking of the common man should also be taken into consideration and should take utmost care in electing the President so that the honour of the post remains intact.