Irrespective of the fact whether Sonia Gandhi had shed tears over the Batla House issue or not, Union Law Minister Salman Khurshid by defying the Election Commission and announcing sub quota for the Muslims has clearly indicated that the Congress can go to any extent to woo the Muslim community. There is no doubt that the prestige of the Congress is at stake in Uttar Pradesh but does that mean they have the license to defy the Election Commission merely for appeasing a particular community. The way Salman Khurshid is trying to project that the Election Commission is a road block in the development of the backward Muslim community has only proved that he is trying to deceive the community. In a similar effort Khurshid while addressing a rally at Azamgarh tried to prove that the Batla House encounter was a fake. Though this is not for the first time that a Congress leader has termed the encounter as fake, Digvijay Singh has several times in the past corroborated this fact and in the process did not even shy from targeting the Union Home Minister or the Prime Minister. But for Salman Khurshid to toe the line of Digvijay Singh is not justified because he is also a Union Minister and it is expected from him to make responsible comments. He is not only the Minister of Minority Affairs but also holds vital portfolio of the Union Law Minister. Can there be anything more disappointing than the Law Minister raising doubts on the Home Minister of the country?

Raking up the Batla House encounter is nothing less than political opportunism. If the Congress feels that the encounter was faked then why don’t they initiate an inquiry into the incident? The same applies on the issue of development of the Muslim community. Why didn’t the Congress come to the rescue of the community prior to the announcement of the elections in five states? If the Congress had vowed for the development of the Muslims in their 2009 manifesto, then why have they not fulfilled their promise so far? It’s high time that the Muslim community realises that the Congress is merely fooling them to grab their votes. The Congress is not only trying to deceive them but is also playing with the sentiments of the community. However, other political parties too have resorted to such activities in UP, but the Muslims must not be mislead by false promises made by political parties.