London: Women are more likely to get pregnant if she has her mother or other close family members living nearby, a new study has revealed.

According to the study, if two adult British females of the same age, income, social class and other effects are trying to get pregnant then the one living nearer to her relatives is more likely to, a media reported.

Health experts believe that having potential childcare close by helps their psychological state but to find this link to fertility in modern Britain surprised researchers.

It is a factor in developing countries or in historical times where transport or communication links were not established and families still all live in the same community.

Researchers looked at a series of studies carried out on nearly 2,000 women where records were kept on their fertility but also their lifestyle, health and social status.

This included questions about their relationship with their immediate family, their extended family and their networks of friends, according to the University of Essex study.

Those women trying for a baby and getting pregnant more quickly tended to have their family nearby, not just for their first child but for subsequent children too.

Dr Paul Mathews from the University of Essex said: "We were surprised that we actually found a significant effect.

We thought that maybe there might be a relationship, but we were surprised that the relationship remained even after we control for a whole myriad of social and economic background factors."

Economically, having "free" childcare from a relative seems important to would-be mums, particularly for mothers of one child to go on and have a second one.


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