Dehradun: The climatic change in Himalayan region has started to cast its effect on blossoming of flowers in Uttarakhand. In a study conducted by the Forest Research Institute (FRI), it has been brought into light that the flowers are completing their life cycle much before their set time line.

In a research on Burans flower, the FRI scientists have found that the flowering season of Buran has shifted to February. Normally, the Burans bloom during March and April which has now changed to February.

Claiming climatic changes as the reason behind the swing in blooming of flowers, Dr Subash Nautiyal, Head of Department, Botany said, “The hot climatic condition which used to commence from March and April starts early over the last few years. It is due to this reasons that the flowering season has also been affected.”

“Owing to the fluctuation in temperature, flowers are completing their life cycle much earlier than they used to,” he added. Notably, to study the temperature, meteorological instruments have been installed in the Himalayan region.

In order to understand the advance in time line of flowering , the scientists studied both high and low altitude flowers of Chopta, Mastura and Tangunath region.