New Delhi: Amidst the clamour that minorities especially Muslims are deprived of their basic rights and kept away from mainstream, scenario has drastically changed for this section of society.

Minorities including 80 percent of Muslims now avail several benefits like food, housing, education and employment from the Union government.

According to government data, much development has been done for minorities especially Muslims in the last three years.

Government’s planning to provide scholarships to 38 lakh minorities benefited 66 lakh students. Similar is the case for post-matric scholarships, where at least 11 lakh were granted the benefits in comparison to the expected 9 lakh.

The Justice Sachar Committee report, which always speaks for the lack of education facilities for Muslim girls, was also silenced by the PM’s five point programme as several girls were given proper education.

In order to implement the recommendations of Sachar more than 9 million accommodation facilities were also offered to the minorities under the Indira Awaas Yojna (IAY).

Talking about the employment opportunities, minorities especially Muslims have blamed banks for biased attitude towards them in granting loans, but facts tell a different story altogether.

Till 2008, banks had provided loans only to 47,000 minorities but within last three years more than 1 lakh were granted loans.