Winters require you to follow certain health hacks to fight cold and flu like a warrior. From keeping your body hydrated to increasing the content of vitamins and minerals in your daily diet, you need to be wary of certain small but substantial steps with the changing weather.

Remember, you just can’t drink less water

Drinking enough water is a habit that needs to be continued all the year round. As the cold winds act harsh on your skin, you need enough water in your body to prevent the chances of skin break outs.

“Along with an effective skincare agent, drinking water also acts as a detoxifying agent, flushing impurities out of your body”

But, you need to be assuredat the same time that you are drinking water free from pollutants and contaminants. It is a common myth with RO water filter that they wash off even essential minerals from the drinking water. Kent RO water purifiers for homemake use of patented technology to bust this myth.Such purifiers retain essential minerals in the drinking water without being soft against the pollutants. Before the winter arrives in its full strength, prepare yourself against dehydration by bringing home an efficient water filter.

Along with water, you have other healthy, hydrating supplements like lemon and ginger tea and other herbal tea variants. Keep sipping at regular intervals all types of warm, healthy drinks to sail through dark, foggy days with ease.
Eat, sleep, and stay active

Eat well, sleep tight and do a lot of physical activity. These are the mantras to keep your immunity right even when the toppling mercury is ready to do enough harm.Keep a tab on the intake of excess fat and sugar in the disguise of the comforting winter foods. Rather, focus more on healthy supplements like a bowl of soup full of veggies.

A salad bowl with dressing and the nutritious ingredients like beetroot, oranges, carrot and kiwi will keep the balance of vitamins and minerals right. Not to forget those vegetable and seasonal fruit juices that act as the best hydrating agent for this weather. Your cold feet look for a blanket to sneak in snugly. Whether you are watching TV or playing poker with your friends at home, the blanket accompanies you all the time. While staying warm and cosy during winters is important, a good night sleep is equally essential. A sound sleep helps in keeping the number of antibodies in the body right, which is significant to fight against infections.

Regular exercise and the immunityhas a direct connection. While you indulge in fitness activities, the circulation of white blood cells increases in your body,andbacteria get pushed out of your lungs.And above all, regular exercise helps you fight stress effectively.

Pamper your skin even more

Dry skin is something you deal with every winter, and a body lotion is not enough for it. More than the outer nourishment, you need to keep your skin healthy and hydrated from inside. Prefer natural products forscrubbing and skin nourishment.

Depending upon on your skin type, you can pick different ingredients for the homemade skincare pack. If gram flour scrubs your skin to flush out deeper dirt, honey and curd keep your skin soft, supple and hydrated. The honey-lemon mixture is yet another natural moisturizing agent that also washes off the dirt from deeper pores.

If you take care of your health, then the nip in the air will not dread you anymore. Get ready for the walk in winter mornings with all your warm clothes on, and enjoy every bit of it before the summer heat comes back to stay for long.