The senior Khan vehemently defended Modi over his alleged role in the Gujarat 2002 carnage. He questioned whether riots had never erupted in the country before Modi rose into prominence.

Salim Khan said, “No one puts the blame on the then Maharashtra chief minister for the 1992 Bombay riots. In fact, people have even forgotten who the chief minister of Maharashtra was at that time.”

During an interview with a television channel, Salim Khan said Modi is facing diatribe from rival parties because he has been growing in stature ever since 2002 Gujarat riots.

Salim Khan has not only defended his candidature for top post but also heaped praises on the achievements of the Gujarat government.

“It’s only because of Modi’s good governance that no riot has broken out in Gujarat for the last 12 years,” Salim Khan added. However, he made it clear that he won’t share the dais with Modi.

Salim’s superstar son Salman had this year on Makar Sakranti praised Modi but when he was asked whether he would support the Gujarat Chief Minister in the upcoming election, he refused to give a clear-cut answer.


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