New Delhi: Stepping up attack on Team Anna for targeting Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Congress on Wednesday dared it to approach the police and take legal recourse instead of making allegations through media.

Congress spokesperson Rashid Alvi also rejected Team Anna's demand for an independent probe into the charges, saying "it is not possible that anybody makes allegation and you set up an inquiry.

Maintaining that "image of Prime Minister is beyond any doubt", he said, "if you make allegations against somebody, then there is a law and order mechanism in the country. You go to police and register an FIR instead of making allegations through media. Law will take its own course."

Alvi said that those levelling allegations were showing files. "Those, who have files to prove their allegations, should take legal course rather than making allegations."

Making a strong defence of the Prime Minister, he slammed Team Anna for making "uncivil comments" after Singh on Tuesday declared that he will quit public life if corruption allegations are proved against him.

"The Prime Minister of the country does not belong to only one particular party. He is Prime Minister of the whole country. It is everybody's responsibility to honour him. The honour of the country is linked with the honour of the Prime Minister," he said.

The Congress spokesperson said it was "unfortunate" to use such "uncivil" language against the Prime Minister which is not permitted in any society.

"The language used against the Prime Minister by such people is condemnable. The Prime Minister of our country has such a clean image. Even the opponents of Singh never made such charges against him," Alvi said.

The Congress reaction came on a day when Team Anna demanded an independent probe into their charges, saying they will be most happy if these are proved wrong.

Team Anna's reaction came following Singh's remarks on Wednesday that he will quit public life if corruption allegations are proved against him.


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