With the filing of chargesheet in 2G spectrum scam against former telecom Minister A Raja and his associates, the hope for a fair verdict find support. It is to be seen as to when these hopes will get realized. The trite system of acquitting political leaders involved in big scams raises apprehensions about a fair verdict in the 2G scam. A saving grace in 2G scam investigation is that it is being carried out by CBI under the supervision of the Supreme Court. It was only due to the Apex Court’s intervention that a proper investigation in the scam could be ensured. It is utterly disappointing that before Supreme Court’s intervention, neither the government nor the CBI seemed to be in a mood to carry out a free and fair investigation. The CBI was carrying its investigation at a sloppy pace and the government was hell-bent on establishing the fact that there was no scam in 2G spectrum allocation and the nation did not incur any loss. These attempts were resorted to at a time when the scam in 2G spectrum allocation was already proved. The facts were pointing towards the last date of spectrum allocation being preponed to September 25, 2007 from October 1, 2007. This pushed many companies out of the race of 2G spectrum allocation. But people in the government kept on harping about Raja’s innocence. Now that the CBI has filed the chargesheet, are such people willing to ask for forgiveness or will they wait for the court’s final verdict.

2G spectrum scam is not a mere example of great corruption. It is indicative of how the nexus of political leaders, bureaucrats and industrialists rob the country of its economic assets and how the wavering governments refuse to initiate action against such alliance. Presently, it is tough to ascertain when will Raja and his aides receive the sentence, but it is certain that hearing in this case will not commence soon despite the Supreme Court’s alertness. Anyways, CBI is yet to submit a complementary chargesheet in the case. The most disappointing factor emerging out of the process is the ruling government’s lack of commitment to show any kind of activeness against corruption or to strengthen those agencies, bodies or organisations working to arrest the corrupt elements. And all this despite the constant rebuke it has received from all sides on corruption. Isn’t it the right time to transform CBI into an autonomous body and give more powers to Central Vigilance Commission? Similarly, isn’t it important to make the proposed Lokpal so powerful that it would instill a fear in the hearts of corrupt people sitting in the higher echelons? It is pitiable to see that at a time when the Central Government should be taking up these important steps, it is has drafted such a Lokpal Bill which in no way gives any hope of arresting corrupt elements. It would be better if the policy-makers of the Central alliance realize that the chargesheet submitted by the CBI is also exposing it.