New Delhi:  Accusing the Congress of double- speak on the Batla House encounter, BJP on Wednesday asked Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi to clarify their positions on the matter.

"If Chidambaram as Home Minister says the Batla House encounter was genuine then how did Digvijay Singh term it fake in the presence of Rahul Gandhi in Azamgarh yesterday?" BJP Chief spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad asked.

His colleague and party spokesperson Prakash Javdekar said, "Let the Prime Minister come out of his silent mode and explain to the nation what are the facts of the Batla House encounter in which a brave police officer had to pay the price and he died to the bullets fired by terrorists... And, here's a Congress leader giving moral booster to the terrorists and demoralising the police force by his antics."

Prasad and Javdekar also asked Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi to also give an explanation on Digvijay Singh's statements on the issue, as he spoke "their language".

"Digvijay is his Majesty's voice. You cannot remain mute spectators," said Javdekar while questioning Sonia and Rahul.  Javdekar went a step ahead by asking the Prime Minister to not just clarify his own position with regard to the matter, but also take action against Digvijay for making such statements.

"In fact PM should take action against Digvijay, as he was trying to influence the courts. We condemn such dirty politics," he said.

Attacking Digvijay, Javdekar said, "How much you will stoop low to gain a few votes".

"Will Sonia Gandhi and Rahul open their mouth and clarify the issue or will they continue to play votebank politics over it. The Congress is even courting the terrorists and their families in their bid to do so," Prasad alleged.

"If Digvijay Singh has sought to play with national security, then Sonia Gandhi should ask him to resign immediately from the post of Congress general secretary or else he should be sacked," Prasad said.

Javdekar also alleged that "He (Digvijay) has no sympathy or the brave policeman killed, he had sympathy for terrorists. He is making fun of investigations. This is an attempt to influence the court judgment. We condemn this."