London: Cheaters` day today? More illicit affairs start on January 7 than any other day of the year, experts say. According to a UK-based dating website, tomorrow is the day more affairs start than at any other time of the year, a daily reported.

"This doesn`t surprise me because now is when I hear from many who suspect their partner is cheating, or who start cheating themselves then don`t know what to do - continue the affair, stop it, come clean or forever fib about it," relationships expert Dr Pam Spurr said.

During December couples have complaints about partners - they drank too much at parties, put their family first over Christmas and so on.

All couples face issues throughout the year but if there are real cracks in your relationship, the seasonal stresses will break them wide open, Spurr explained.

And when January arrives people take that flirting with a colleague into a full-on fling, website Illicit Encounters found.

Some even start spending time on websites where it`s easy to chat with an attractive stranger.

The thrill is immediate and the opportunities are enormous.

Once upon a time a clandestine meeting was difficult to arrange. Now it couldn`t be easier, with no shortage of potential partners at the click of a mouse, Spurr said.

It starts with a bit of banter on a social networking site or even on a dating website.

People tell me they saw this flirting as harmless. The next step of arranging a quick drink still seems innocent.

Many people don`t realise the carnage they will probably cause.

Research shows that 60 per cent of couples do stay together after an affair, but some relationships never heal, while others limp along.


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