"Everybody does not copy or cheat in studies. Only one percent do. Not everyone is equally meritorious, but copying is not correct. I will request the students to study properly. There is no shame in trying again if you fail once," Banerjee said.

Referring to recent incidents of teachers and heads of institutions being gheraoed by members of students' unions in the state, she said "It is the responsibility of both teachers and students to maintain a cordial relation. Students should respect the teachers and that is the custom."

"You can't blame one side alone. Both have to maintain a proper understanding," the Chief Minister said in an interview to a local TV channel.

Recalling her college days when she started her political career, Banerjee referred to the youth as something akin to flames.

"I started my political career in college. Even we used to fight. Young people who have reached 18 years of age are vibrant, they are like flames and don't follow any rule. They have a tendency to crush any obstacle they face," she added.

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