A powerful earthquake, measuring 7.9 on Richter scale, flattened houses and buildings in Nepal last week, killing over 4,350 people so far.
"I have been warned that a lot of organisations would be misusing this situation so I request every one who wants to help to please double check the accountability and then only offer help...," a post on Manisha's official page on Facebook read.
"A lot of my friends who want to travel to km (Kathmandu), please be mindful that too many people are already there n there is a shortage of food and water... We must be prepared for long span of rehabilitation and relief work (I am afraid after the initial shock n hence desire to help gets diluted by misuse of help and with time we become numb and start ignoring)," she wrote.
Calling the situation grave, the 44-year-old "Dil Se" star said people should make sure maximum help reach the victims.
"So I request all my well meaning friends that please please be mindful of helping in such a way that it is maximum utilised by the victims…the situation is very very grave... my brother has been taking rounds on the field n it is heartbreaking," the post read.
"Also to all my country people n those who love Nepal…pl be vigilante about any organisations/person involved with misuse of funds or material or black marketeers of any sorts... They should be punished and not spared!! So please keep an eye (sic)," she further said.


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