"In our country tolerance is the strength of the country and if we don't stop this so-called fringe elements...What is happening in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq... because those are also fringe elements who are misusing the name of Islam.
"So in our country there are fringe elements who are misusing the name of Hinduism and they also compare it with nationalism which is worse", she said while speaking at the HT Leadership summit here.
Mehbooba, whose party PDP heads a coalition government with BJP in Jammu and Kashmir, said Bihar elections had done a 'great job' to the 'fringe elements' who misused the name Hinduism comparing it with 'nationalism'.
The daughter of state Chief Minister Mufti Mohammed Sayeed was asked a question how does her party justify when noises including by some Union Ministers of 'go to Pakistan'.
She said "the mentality is the same..it is the thought process that counts." She referred to late Pakistani Prime Minister Z A Bhutto's quote who had said that India is thriving because of the chaos and noise of democracy.

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