Choosing a right bag for office is certainly an arduous task. Here we help you with a simple checklist of features to find a perfect carrier yourself to make your life easier and your personality stylish.

Generous space

A stylish work bag should have ample room for all that you carry for work. A generous space in your bag will help you find things easily and save you from juggling things in your bag. Your bag should have enough space to accommodate all your required commodities like makeup, gadgets, books, food etc.  

Enough compartment

If you own a bag with few pockets you will end up digging into your bag throughout the day. Its advisable to go for bags with good number of compartments along with several zippered pockets. A perfect bag should have one large section along with pockets in and outside the bag, making it both stylish and comfortable.


A stylish bag must have customizable feature. This helps you to keep away from the monotony of carrying the same bag everyday. Go for bags with adjustable straps. Switch between long straps and small handles. A customized front panel also enhances the look of your bag by providing you panels in several colours and texture.

Match with everything

Go for bags with neutral colours like brown, black and beige. Such bags match with almost every outfit you own. Bags with bright colours and fancy patterns usually end up matching with one or two dresses.


Choose a padded bag to save yourself from things poking out of your bag. Since you carry a number of items to your office you need a bag with thick strap and base. A comfortable bag can make your hectic day much easier.

Safe for gadgets

Your bag should be certainly safe for your gadgets. For sure you can not take risk of damaging your devices. Prefer a bag with padded slots which keeps your gadgets safe and sound.

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