Don’t reveal too much: Before picking up a dress, ask yourself what your outfit says about you. Your attire reflects your personality. While a bit of skin show is a great way to keep things sexy, make sure you don’t reveal it all on the first date. Choose one area of your body you want to reveal, whether that’s an above the knee skirt to show off your legs, a subtle scooped neck blouse or an off the shoulders top to feature a graceful neckline.

Don’t try a new trend: You should never experiment with a new look or trend on your first date. Wear what suits you best, reveal the real you, and stick to clothing you actually wear. Dress in something you would wear on a regular basis because hopefully you’ll see this person a second date. Stick to your true style self or fashion self on that first date.

Casual shoes: Sneakers are a big no-no on a date. A pair of Louboutin heels are sexy and make a great first impression. High heel sandals goes well with all sorts of dresses like shorts, denims or pants. But always make sure you can actually get around on your wheels before your take them for a spin. Don't wear heels you know you aren't going to be comfortable in, no matter how great they look. You must also avoid flip-flops on a date. Unless of course, you're on a deserted island!

Opt for something colourful: Wearing all black is a big no no. Include a splash of color in your outfit. Its true that women all black because it’s easy and safe but men like to see women in color and it’s a great way to show your personality. Chose colours like peach, coral and yellow which will give an impression of a happy, energetic and warm person, attributes most single people are looking for in a partner.

Dress for the occasion: Make sure whatever you chose for your first date is opt for the situation. You don’t want to make your date feel uncomfortable or intimidated because you aren’t dressed appropriate for the occasion. Dressing appropriately and in a way that makes you feel put together and confident only sets you up for success. Don't wear glitter or sequins. It looks crazy. This also goes for glittery makeup, it's a date, not prom.


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