Before you start ensure that the 'Developer Option' is enabled in your phone. To enable, it goes to Settings > About > tap the 'build number' seven times. .

1. Go to Settings and enable 'Force GPU Rendering'. This helps in offloading some work from CPU to your graphics chip. However, it may have an impact on your battery so switch it off if your battery drains out.

2. In the Developer Option, Tap the Window and Transition Animation scale and the Animator duration scale and choose 'Animation off”. This helps remove all animation from the UI, and makes the phone work faster.

3. The Developer option also provides switching the runtime from 'Dalvik' to 'ART'. This may cause a drain to your battery life and a few apps may malfunction, so switch back to Dalvik if it does not work.

4. Back up your image gallery, including your photos, videos, screenshots, WhatsApp media etc regularly and clear them from your phone.

5. Unistall apps and games you don't use anymore. Clear the cached data to fix the misbehaving apps.

6. If your phonehas custom software instead of stock Android, disable some of the apps that the phone maker has put in which are of no use to you. Go to Settings > Apps > Swipe to ‘All’ and start looking.

7. If you use multiple Google accounts, go to Settings > Accounts > Google and uncheck all those activities are not relevant to a particular Google account.