1. Brij Raj Bhavan Palace, Kota:

Brij Raj Bhavan Palace is one of the haunted hotels in India. It is believed to house the  ghost of Major Charles Burton who, while serving as the British resident to Kota was killed by Indian sepoys during the 1857 mutiny.

2. The Taj Palace, Mumbai:

The Taj Palace hotel in Mumbai is one of the most expensive hotels. It is well-known for its haunted stories. If rumours are to be believed, then this hotel houses the ghost of architect Chambers, who designed the blueprint of its structure. Chambers visited France and when he turned he found that hotel had been designed in reverse direction. Later, he committed suicide.

3. The Savoy, Mussoriee:

The Savoy built in 1902 is another haunted hotel in the country. Its story dates back to the year 1910 when Lady Garnet Orme was found dead in mysterious circumstances. Guests have observed many weird activities in this hotel.

4. Hotels around Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad:

Ramoji Film City was set up on the battlefield of Nizam Sultans. This area is believed to be haunted by the ghosts of the deceased warriors.

5. Hotel Raj Kiran, Lonavala:

This hotel is also considered as haunted place. Several pananormal experts confirmed that it is one of the top haunted hotels the country. A room located behind and at the corner of the reception area is supposed to be haunted. Now, the hotel has stopped renting this particular room.

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