Here's a list of some colours that you choose as your wall colour and what they depict about your personality. Let's have a look:

1. Fire engine red:

If this is the colour of your wall, then you are warm and passionate. You are an active soul and ready to take on the world. Fire engine red wall means that your room is not just a sleeping chamber for you. It is your playground, office and much more. Further, you are creative and ambitious too.

2. Mint green:

If mint green is the colour of your bedroom, then you prefer peace and stability in your life. You understand the importance of staying in shape physically, mentally and emotionally. Your room is not just for sleeping but you prefer to use it for calm activities, such as reading and meditating.

3. Navy:

Navy colour bedroom means that you have sophisticated taste and like order and direction in your life. Your bedroom is a place for relaxation and helps you recharge your body.

4. Hot pink:

Hot pink!!! This means you have not yet grown up. You are cheerful, playful and romantic. You are charming but you get distracted easily. You are attracted to the bright and shiny of the world and are quite adventurous.  

5. Peach:

If your walls are peach in colour, then you are an optimistic person. You love large groups and social outings. You are energetic and cheerful as well. You also put a high priority on health and fitness.

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