Alia Bhatt recently posted a picture of the newly made interiors of her vanity van on instagram and wrote "My second home, my vanity van !!! Thank you @amritamahalnakai for transforming my van !! I love you to the stars and back ;) #wohooo #vansweetvan".

The emerging star of bollywood, who is slowly climbing the ladder of success with her back to back hit films, like to spend most of the time in her vanity van.

The creative graffiti on the walls, a cute side lamp, bright colourful cushions surely add on to Alia's vanity 'wow' element.

At a recent event, the actress  lost her cool when she was asked about the significance of Holi.

Mediapersons asked the actress whether she plays Holi. Alia replied that colours do not suit her skin, so she keeps away from the celebrations. All was well until she was asked to explain why Holi is celebrated.

This got the girl upset and she went into a tirade of verbal volleys. "Do you know who the President of South Africa is? Do you know who is the President of China?", Alia went on before storming off to her car. Probably it’s time we let the girl be.


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