Dating back to 1958, the alcoholic beverage 'Goldwasser' was invented a Dutchman Ambrosius Vermulen. Containing 22 carat flakes of gold, the liquor is a perfect blend of intense flavours. The ruse of cinnamon, anise, black licorice and citrus on its nose, the flavour profile of Goldwasser is a medium plus finish with an alcohol burn.

Getting back to the gold flakes, the fancy liquor is surprisingly not toxic for humans as  the native-gold is non-toxic in nature. To believe us, you might be shitting gold after drinking this alchohol as the gold is indigested. Causing no harm, the gold passes the tract unchanged.

While there are many similar drinks, the original brand of Danziger Goldwasser can be bought from the old town of Gdansk.

Well, the gold flakes surely gives this clear and colorless liquor a panache! Cheers!

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